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To produce each unique jar of Koutlis Honey, we search for the best that Greek nature has to offer.

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Mountain Blossom Honey (Squeeze)


Flower blossom honey comes from the nectar of spring plants and the wildflowers of the mountains. It can be produced in all Greek areas from April to August. Its shade, taste, and aroma vary depending on the flowers and the beekeeping location and may also alter year-on-year, bet on the type of spring-flowering that prevail in the landscape.

Usually, the flower blossom honey has a bright, amber color. Its aroma is intense and pleasant; it has a flowery scent and a soft, sweet, and rich taste.
Flower blossom honey usually crystallizes within 6-18 months after collection whilst it helps the digestive system to function well due to its antiseptic effect and it offers energy and physical endurance.

The flower blossom honey is picked up from hundreds of thousands of different plant species where the bees are fed for the honey production. As a result of the wide variety of Greek flora, we get special honey with high nutritional value, rich in active ingredients.

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